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Terrors Path chapter 4
The clicking of the kettle followed the rumbling of boiling water; the rattling that had been filling the silence was coming to an end. The ticking of a clock and the sounds of the outside were to replace the shuddering; at least something was filling the awkward stillness.
Jake had heard the snap of the boiler and stood slowly from his chair in his bedroom, where he had been sitting for at least an hour now, wondered to the kitchen and quickly poured the kettle’s hot contents into a mug where granules and sugar were waiting. The aroma of coffee started filling the room which did give him a little jolt of alertness. He certainly needed it.
He added milk to the cup, stirred, yawned and walked back to his bedroom, checking the time as he did so. It was past midnight. He sighed, wondering if he could just collapse on a surface and just drop into the dream world. But, as he sat back in his chair, he realised he still needed to be there for the man in his bed.
Jinxx was lying there, f
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Terrors Path chapter 3
Jinxx jumped at what Jake came out with. Obviously, he had noticed. He gave Jinxx a quizzical look, one that held an air of curiosity but also concern.
"Jinxx, are you sure you're okay?" Jake asked, putting a hand on his shoulder "You've been kind of jumpy today"
Jinxx looked at the rest of his band mates; they too held that same face of worry. He sighed, pushing his hair out of his face and gave a mocked yawn.
"I didn't sleep good last night that's all" he mumbled, taking a sip of the drink that Jake had given him. It was almost tasteless to him.
Ashley glanced from Jake to Jinxx quickly, wondering if they were going to continue. When they didn't, he coughed a bit, making everyone's ears prick up.
"Well, as you guys probably know, The Nearing Apocalypse will be the name of our next album if everyone's fine with that and if it all goes to plan"
Everyone made a gesture of agreement which made Ashley continue.
"Now, the plan to go to the studio is taking place next week as Andy has remin
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Terror's Path chapter 2
He hadn’t slept well for the rest of that night.
Time and time again, Jinxx kept jolting awake, his eyes wide, his body trembling, his chest rising and falling rapidly. Every time he awoke, he sat there, listening to his own breathing, trying desperately to see what kept disturbing his slumber. On the first few times of waking, he got up and checked round the room for anything that would explain his predicament.
First, he thought it was the window banging, the second the house just making sounds, the third he gave up looking and the forth he got frustrated, which prevented him from going back to dreaming.
When 7:30am hit on his digital clock, he groaned, hands covering his tired face. No, he wouldn’t get anymore sleep now. Being as quiet as he could, he stood up on the wooden floorboards and left his bedroom, shutting the door after him so Sammi could still be in peace.
Usually, he would follow his morning ritual as per the norm, eat food, check phone, watch TV for a little
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Terror's Path (Nightmare Ride's sequel) chapter 1
A shuddering gasp ripped through the silence. After a few moments it was replaced by heavy breathing and a shifting of fabric. A light flashed on and a pale, sweaty face stared into a grubby mirror. He twisted the tap on, cupping his hands and threw the cold water into his face, letting his hands linger on his cheeks for a few moments before running them through his hair.
The scent of his perspiration was obvious, even though he could feel a shivering breeze across his whole body from the open bathroom window. As much as it chilled him, he left it open; the wind of winter was welcoming for him. He blinked the water out of his eyes, rubbed them slightly and sighed quietly to himself.
He hadn’t any idea why he had awoken so suddenly, he had never experienced anything like it in his life from what he could remember. The cast his mind around for a moment and landed on the idea that, most likely, it had been a night terror or some screwed up dream he had forgotten about, which he was
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Humanity prologue
It happened on the 6th July 2018. No one saw it coming. No one thought about the devastation, the destruction, the death that would come… No one did, except those few.
Have you ever had that feeling, the sudden realisation that something bad is going to happen, the thought that something is going to change or the sense that something isn’t quite right? You don’t know why and you don’t really want to know why, but something is coming. It sends that chill up your spine and grips your stomach. You can’t breathe, you can’t speak. It’s like you’re frozen forever locked in a painting.
But what of those who carried on with their lives? Those who went to work, strolled to school, went out with friends, argued with the ones they loved?
They went on as normal, unsuspecting animals for the slaughter.
And those who felt it but did nothing?
They went on feeling a cloud hanging over their heads, a sinking, tearing roar in their chest which they can
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Hotel Of The Devil chapter 8
The rest of them didn’t need telling twice. With some shouts of terror, they all took to their heels and began to sprint as fast as they could down the deathly hallway. It was a difficult feat with so many of them crammed in a small space, pushing and shoving past each other out of fear.
Do any of these doors open?" Dalton thought in his panicked mind, not daring to look behind him. With the thumping of the nightmare creature coming closer and closer, he tugged at a door with all his might.
And it opened.
“Here!” Dalton cried with delight, relief and shock at the same time.
The rest of them turned on the tips of their toes and pelted inside, first Ashley, then Clayton, followed by Jake, Jinxx, Brady and Drew. Andy grabbed Dalton’s shoulder as he held the door open. He pulled him inside and, with a gasp, slammed the door shut and pushed his weight against it, praying the monster, whatever it was, couldn’t get inside.
The place looked identical
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Hotel of The Devil chapter 7
“Guys, I may be going crazy, but I swear the hallway is…well, longer”
Andy was right. The corridor, which had been moments ago had been about 25 yards long, had stretched out so far that the end of the corridor wall couldn’t be seen. There were more doors too, same colour, same shape, same rusting numbers. The peeling wallpaper, the ugly carpet, the dull paintings, the same.
After Andy’s statement, the rest of the bands came up to the door, except for Drew, who was still being consoled by Brady and Jinxx. Ashley, Jake, CC, Clayton and Dalton all stood at the door to the longer hallways, each making a gasp of shock or huff of confusion, glancing left and right. CC, after shifting his eyes around, joined Andy in the corridor and ran his hand along the wall with a gentle touch. Finally, he turned to the rest of them.
“What the hell is going on?” He asked.
A silence followed the question, making the corridor appear more unsettling. After a short p
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Hotel Of The Devil chapter 6
In all of Daltons years of knowing Drew Cottrell, he had never in his life had I seen him burst into tears with fright.
Despite the noise of the music, loud yelling and clinking of bottles, Dalton still managed to catch the frantic pounding on the door, as if the person on the other side was trying to break it down. Dalton, with a puzzled look on his face, turned to the rest of his band and the other band members.
“Shh, turn the music off” he hissed urgently.
As soon as the words passed his lips, the screaming sounds of Asking Alexandria immediately halted as Ashley pulled the plug out of the wall connected to the CD player. They all listened intently.
The banging noise still continued, getting more frantic as the ones inside the room sat, or stood, frozen in place. Everyone glanced at one another, silently wondering who would go and investigate. Eventually, Dalton rose to his feet, acting as calm as he could, even though his fingers were trembling. He crossed the small roo
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The Boys Gateway
Martyn felt weightless.
The only thing he could feel in the darkness of his closed eyes was a slight sensation on his left side, as if he was lying on a gentle mattress. He laid there for many a moment, listening intently for any kind of movement or sound, wondering if he could catch a whisper from a tree or a tweet from a passing bird but no such thing came to him.
He was dimly aware that a bright warm light was shining down on him. It didn’t feel like harsh sun rays that could sizzle skin or make him uncomfortable. It felt like a graceful embrace and it gave him the kind of feeling he got when he was extremely happy or felt good inside, that tingly feeling in his very chest that spread across his body in waves.
Even if he wanted to move, Martyn didn’t think he could without a lot of willpower from his brain. Just lying in this peaceful environment was such a pleasure, as if nothing could hurt him, nothing could interrupt him. It was just him in peace, eternal bliss.
He fe
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Catching Your Clouds chibi! by Nightmaren-Unia Catching Your Clouds chibi! :iconnightmaren-unia:Nightmaren-Unia 3 0
The Yogscast: The Corrupt pt 2
The dark, tranquil forest loomed over the sleeping figures; the star scattered sky was mostly hidden by the trees that stretched up high, making them seem as if they were gazing down. The wind whispered gracefully across, carrying the sound of distant moans of zombies, rattling of skeletons and the siren-like sounds of endermen calls.
It was usually a risky move to camp out in the pitch darkness but the group in the forest were safe. All around the perimeter of their camp they had placed fences, two blocks high, two blocks so the creeping spiders wouldn’t slip in. It was a simple measure, but it was the only way they could be safe out here in the dangerous depths of the night air.
One of them was awake, sitting upon a block of wood, facing a small campfire, the crackling of the burning logs filling his ear, the beautiful orange light reflecting in his glasses. Pushing them up his nose slightly, he turned his head around, scanning the area for any mobs or other people. It was dese
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Yogscast: The Corrupt pt 1
Everything was calm. The morning sunshine was glaring down onto the huge masses of trees, the grass gently waving in the wind, the wild creatures feasting on the blades. It was, just as every morning was, bliss. After a nightmarish wait through the dark, the sunrise was a huge relief.
To the men hiding in the giant building of stone and marble it meant another working day, another day of trying to survive and to try and create and craft without getting caught by the terrible monsters that walked in the mines below their feet or some that crept across the world in the light of day.
“Alright everyone, up and at ‘em!” A voice boomed through the quiet building, making the silence shatter like glass. A few quick footsteps were heard and then a loud clunk.
Every machine came to life, each one whirring, rumbling, puffing out a bit of steam from time to time. This was one hell of a wakeup call. The man who started the engines flew up to the room where the rest of them
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Hotel Of The Devil chapter 5
Drew froze in the darkness, his hands that held the bag tensed, his body was quivering. He could hear nothing in the room, just his own heavy breathing and the ticking of his watch on the wall. He looked down at the bag without moving his head and found he couldn’t see it as it was so dark.
Slowly, so very, very slowly, he began to rise off of the floor, turning his head as he did so, looking to see if anyone was in the room. Why had the lights gone off? Power cut? He looked at one of the digital clocks at the side of the bed. It was working fine.
“B…Bernie?” Drew whispered to the surrounding blackness around him “Is that…you? Turn…The light on…”
No reply. It was still and quiet. Drew didn’t know what to do now. He couldn’t move even though he was begging his feet to. He was scared stiff. He opened his mouth to call again but all that came out of his mouth was a whimper.
And then he heard something. A shuddering of a
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You Shall Not Piss! by Nightmaren-Unia You Shall Not Piss! :iconnightmaren-unia:Nightmaren-Unia 1 2
A Christmas Surprise
“We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!”
The loud, male voices shook the house walls as they sang the classic Christmas carol. It was 24th December and snow was falling thick and fast outside. The streets were lit up by colourful lights from outside decorations and little signs for Santa were left by front doors.
Inside this particular house were 5 guys, all in the festive spirit; all singing merrily with the music playing in the background and all had their arms around each other’s necks, letting their worries go and their happiness filling them.
They had a huge Christmas tree with beautiful decorations and lights covering it, Christmas ornaments lined the walls and sat on top of windowsills and there was a roaring fire going in the fireplace, the cracklings and warm glow making it feel very Christmassy
“We’ve only got 6 hours to go!” Jake Pitts called over the loud music, eying up the huge mountain of presents under the tree.
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Hotel Of The Devil chapter 4
“What?” Brady asked, looking at his father with a mixture of confusion and interest.
“Albergo Del Diavolo, it’s an Italian name” Bernie explained, ushering them to the front doors of the hotel ,which looked like they belongs to an old castle instead of a hotel, “I have no idea what it means but that’s not important”
They opened the huge oak doors and what a sight lay before them. The entrance room was filled with a golden light, the walls a simple cream colour. Ahead was a big, spotless glass table with leaflets and brochures scattered across it. Stretched in front of them was a deep red carpet which led to a door at the end of the entrance hall and to their right was the checking-in booth.
“Woah,” Dalton muttered, staring up at the ceiling which had a chandelier hanging from it “This place is amazing”
“What did I tell you?” Jinxx said, turning to his band mates, “Told you it could be five star he
:iconnightmaren-unia:Nightmaren-Unia 8 1
The weird/sad/happy/random stuff that goes through my insane mind.


The arrogant noble by LegendaryFail The arrogant noble :iconlegendaryfail:LegendaryFail 1 0 The Warrior by LegendaryFail The Warrior :iconlegendaryfail:LegendaryFail 1 2 Illucid Mortarion by LegendaryFail Illucid Mortarion :iconlegendaryfail:LegendaryFail 2 0 July - Dog Days of Summer by Laitma July - Dog Days of Summer :iconlaitma:Laitma 35 13 Corryn Reference Sheet by Laitma Corryn Reference Sheet :iconlaitma:Laitma 62 25
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AD - Wounded :iconlaitma:Laitma 2 12
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Hello people of DA, it's been too long.

I seriously forgot everything about DA when A-Levels started happening and exams hit hard. I feel like I've returned home from years abroad and it feels great!

So, plans:

Terrors Path is going to keep going, I need to finish what I started!

Humanity I want to start proper work on but I'm going to wait till my exams finish.

Finally, I want to do a little poetry, some random shizz, some fandom shizz, I don't know really what my brains going to come up with.

I guess that sums up my idea for DA for the coming months but if you guys have any ideas that I could do, I'll have a go! I can put you in a fanfic if you'd like!

To conclude: I'm back bitches!

Keep smiling!

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Top of the morning/afternoon/evening/night to you all! Welcome to my humble abode! Please feel free to look at the exibits but please don't touch anything.



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